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hi, I'm Nadja


I help UX/UI designers get the confidence, recognition and compensation they deserve.


hi, I'm Nadja

I help UX/UI designers get the confidence, recognition and compensation they deserve.

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You've started your dream career in UX, but something's not right.


Instead of making progress, 
you feel stuck.

Instead of getting recognized, 
you feel invisible.

Well, I see you.

20 years ago … I WAS you. 

Hi. I’m Nadja. 

With over 2 decades in UX, I know the challenges you face.

But I also know the paths to your success.

Let me be your guide.

"Nadja has completely changed my life! She helped me navigate my career, improving my communication skills and leveraging my talents and interests to find success." 


"She also coached me in practical ways to build confidence, helping me manifest the work/life balance I always wanted. Nadja’s program is the perfect blend of theory and practice. I recommend anyone looking for guidance on career, health, relationships, or life to reach out!”

Jenni Hoang
Senior Product Designer

Design your career, not just your products.


My unique approach combines a simple step-by-step process with real-time implementation — to help you confidently design your dream career.

During our time together, we'll identify exactly where you're feeling stuck. We'll develop your corporate soft skills, test them in real-world scenarios, and then launch an upgraded version of you.

I'll guide you from feeling overlooked to becoming indispensable, recognized, and confident to ask for anything you want, whether it's new features in your product, a juicy promotion, or more time off.


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Happy Clients

"I applied what we worked on in Nadja's program, and instead of looking for a new job, I successfully secured a promotion to Senior UX Designer within my company. "

— Jae Yoon Choi 

Senior UX Designer

"Nadja’s wisdom and coaching techniques helped me make one of the biggest leaps forward in my career."

— Sophia Gallant

Senior Product Designer

"I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be working at a top-tier tech company without Nadja's coaching."

— Chris Puma

Product Design Manager

"Nadja helped me establish myself as the lead designer of a new startup while working remotely from a different country."


— Katie Hernden
Senior UX/UI Designer

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My Story


As a UX designer with over 2 decades of experience, I know our industry inside and out. I know what it takes to survive and thrive. 

How to learn the communication skills needed to climb the ladder. 

But when I started my journey, it wasn’t easy, and I felt all alone. 

Because I had no one to mentor me, I had to learn on my own how to face challenges that would have been so much easier with guidance.

How to navigate difficult team dynamics without burning bridges.

How to teach myself UX design in an industry so new, it didn’t even really exist yet. 

How to conquer imposter syndrome instead of being paralyzed by it. 

It took several years before I was promoted to design lead, managing a team of 5 designers. 

During this time, I started realizing how much I love helping others build a solid foundation for their career.

Eventually I founded a design consultancy, where I managed and mentored my own teams internally and externally.

This experience taught me to get really good at collaborating with key decision makers at every level.

Working with founders and investors from startups to top-tier tech companies. 

Now, I'm passing 20+ years of industry knowledge and leadership skills on to you — in months, not years.

Because you deserve to feel confident, get recognized for your hard work, and be well compensated in your career!



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